Pivo Pod Red
Pivo Pod Red
Pivo Pod Red
Pivo Pod Red
Pivo Pod Red
Pivo Pod Red

Pivo Pod Red

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Pivo Pod Red is like your personal cameraman. This interactive pod was developed for influencers, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs and many others, allowing you to create professional-level content.

Connect to Pivo's suite of apps on your smartphone to enable the Pod's AI-powered motion tracking.

Focus on capturing incredible video presentations video streams 360-degree virtual tours and more while ensuring you're always in frame. Choose from 12 built-in special effects to take your photos to the next level or Smart Capture mode to take the perfect shot on the go.

Connect to all apps

Connect to all your favorite platforms directly from your Pivo. Bring Pivo Face Tracking to level up your creations in any other third-party app or simply capture every move directly from your smartphone.

Video calls

Get moving and have fun by bringing automatic tracking to your video calls with our free Pivo Meet app. It's easy to get started. You can call anyone directly from the Pivo Meet app! Want to bring this experience to third-party apps? No problem! With Pivo Meet you can move while calling your friends on any other video calling app.

Intelligent acquisition.

Take selfies and videos with the snap of your fingers by posing or simply saying "cheese". Use Smart Capture to take your photos without having to get close to your smartphone and get really creative with how you shoot your content.

12 quick creation modes

Do your best and make the unimaginable with easy-to-use quick creation modes that will give your content that extra edge: GIF Clone Trail 360 Motion Timelapses Tiny Planets or Panoramas - no editing skills required. Simply place your smartphone in your Pivo Pod Red and let it do the magic! Enhance your social media feed with creations that people won't believe you created yourself!

Share directly from the Pivo Pod app

With everything you need to get the perfectly edited creation simply share your Pivo photos or videos directly from the Pivo Pod app. With simple instructions on how to get started you'll be updating your social media feed in no time!